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Frederic De Groef  committed 793c1e8

moved the version.py file, updated the hook

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File common/base_template.py

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 import version
 from jsondb import jsondb
+import version
 def load_last_update_data(db_root):

File common/version.py

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+VERSION = 'v0.2.1'

File hooks/update_version.py

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+VERSION_FILENAME = 'common/version.py'
 def update_version(ui, repo, **kwargs):
     tag_name = kwargs['tag']
     if tag_name.startswith('v'):
         print '[pretag hook] updating version.py file with version : ', tag_name
-        with open('version.py', 'w') as f:
+        with open(VERSION_FILENAME, 'w') as f:
             f.write("VERSION = '{0}'".format(tag_name))
         print '[pretag hook] tag:{0} does not look like a version tag, ignoring it'.format(tag_name) 

File version.py

-VERSION = 'v0.2.1'