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defined unique_name property for CourseEvents

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     print "Result : "
     print calendar
+    print[0].unique_name
 def test_nonexistent_course():


         super(CourseEvent, self).__init__(**kwargs)
         self.type = kwargs['type']
         self.title = kwargs['title']
+        self.mnemo = kwargs['mnemo']
     def summary(self):
         return "%s [%s]" % (self.summary, self.organizer)
+    @property
+    def unique_name(self):
+        return "%s%s" % (self.mnemo, self.location.replace('.', ''))
 class CourseCalendar(BaseCalendar):
     '''Loads events for a given course'''
         return "%s - %s (%s) [%s]" % tuple([self.metadata[k] for k in ('mnemo', 'title', 'type', 'tutor')])
     def __repr__(self):
         return u"{Mnemo : %s   Title : %s   Tutor : %s   Type : %s    (%d events)}" % (self.metadata['mnemo'],
                     current_time = current_time + event_data['duration']
                     event_data['organizer'] = ""
                     event_data['title'] = "%s - %s" % (self.metadata['mnemo'], self.metadata['title'])
+                    event_data['mnemo'] = self.metadata['mnemo'].strip()
                     course_event = CourseEvent(**event_data)
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