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Removed the old 'not ready yet' infobox. It's back to school time.

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         <div class="span-15 colborder">
-            <div class="box" style="font-size: large;">
-                <p>
-                    Attention everyone, <br/><br/>
-                    It might have come to your attention that
-                    schedules for the 2011-2012 academic year do not appear here at the moment.
-                    <br/><br/>
-                    Don't forget that this service still feeds on the data provided by the one and only, the original,
-                    accept-no-substitute GeHoL service. If it does not work, (or is not up to date, for that matter),
-                    well, so don't we.
-                    <br/><br/>
-                    But rest assured, we're on top of it. <br/>
-                    Hopefully, everything should be working for the first week.
-                </p>
-            </div>
-            <br/><br/>            <br/><br/>
             {% block content %}{% endblock %}
             <div class="box">
-                        August/September exam schedules available
+                        It's back to school! Schedules for the first 2011-2012 term are online.
                         Now with <a href="/questions#qrcodes">QR Codes!</a>