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pulling the plug

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 # The date of the monday in the first week of the gehol calendar. This will be changed once a year.
-FIRST_MONDAY = "19/09/2011"
+FIRST_MONDAY = "17/09/2012"
 # the weekspans of the various periods in the academic year
 # There are 3 exam sessions. It's not useful to list them all year long.
 # A bunch of URLs which might change because what the hell
 # qrcode urls templates.


 import conf
 import version
 def rebuild_gehol_url(group_id):
-    return ";Student%20Set%20Groups;id;"+group_id+"?&template=Ann%E9e%20d%27%E9tude&weeks=1-36&days=1-6&periods=5-33&width=0&height=0"
+    return "http://" + conf.SCIENTIA_BACKEND_HOST+ "/Reporting/Individual;Student%20Set%20Groups;id;"+group_id+"?&template=Ann%E9e%20d%27%E9tude&weeks=1-36&days=1-6&periods=5-33&width=0&height=0"
     def _render_calendar_summary(self, cal, course_mnemo):
         ical_url, csv_url = self._build_file_urls(course_mnemo)
-        start, end = convert_weekspan_to_dates(conf.Q2_WEEKSPAN, conf.FIRST_MONDAY)
+        start, end = convert_weekspan_to_dates(conf.Q1_WEEKSPAN, conf.FIRST_MONDAY)
         template_values = {'version':version.VERSION,
                         'gehol_is_down': is_status_down(),

File dependencies/gehol/

     Entry point for all Gehol queries
-    def __init__(self, host=""):
+    def __init__(self, host=""):
         - host: optionnal gehol host string. Default value = ""
         """ = host
     def get_course_calendar(self, course_mnemonic, weeks=ALL_YEAR):
         Builds a Gehol query YRL and retrieves the events associated to
         url = self._build_course_query_url(course_mnemonic, weeks)
         return self.get_course_calendar_from_url("http://%s%s" %  (,url))
     def get_course_calendar_from_url(self, url):
         html_data = self._get_html_data("%s;%s?%s" % (path, params, query))
         cal = CourseCalendar(html_data)
         return cal
     def get_studentset_calendar(self, group_id, weeks):
         url = self._build_studentset_query_url(group_id, weeks)
                     + params)
     def _get_html_data(self, url):
         Fetches html data. Returns a file-like object from which to
                        "Accept": "text/plain"}
             conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(
             conn.request("GET", url, headers = headers)
-            response = conn.getresponse()        
+            response = conn.getresponse()
             return response
         except GeholException,e:
             raise ValueError('Could not get fetch url : %s (Reason : %s)' %
                              (url, e.message))

File stylesheets/blueprint/screen.css

 form.inline p {margin-bottom:0;}
 .error, .notice, .success {padding:.8em;margin-bottom:1em;border:2px solid #ddd;}
 .error {background:#FBE3E4;color:#8a1f11;border-color:#FBC2C4;}
-.notice {background:#FFF6BF;color:#514721;border-color:#FFD324;}
+.notice {background:#FFF6BF;color:#514721;border-color:#FFD324; border-radius: 0.7em;}
 .success {background:#E6EFC2;color:#264409;border-color:#C6D880;}
 .error a {color:#8a1f11;}
 .notice a {color:#514721;}

File templates/index.html

 {% block content %}
+   <div class="notice">
+       <h3 style="text-align: center;">Pulling the plug</h3>
+       <p>
+            I have decided to discontinue supporting this application.
+            Reason being, all the features this service offered (and more) are now available
+            from <a href="">gehol</a>.
+            I believe this version is in much better shape, and clearly a step in the right direction.
+            Consequently, I don't see any reason to keep this application alive.
+           <br/>
+           Unneeded software is the best kind.
+       </p>
+       <p>
+            I'm not killing Gehol Importer though. It will stay operational until the source we use
+            vanishes from the tubes.
+            But I strongly encourage you to move away from here, and forward your ideas for new
+            features and support to the Gehol team.
+        </p>
+       <p>
+            I don't know how much this service was an influence to that change. It's good either way,
+            the important part is that some mediocre piece of software died, and will not be missed.
+       </p>
+   </div>
+    <br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
    <div class="span-15">
         <h3>You're a professor or a staff member, and you want your schedule for an entire term or an exams session: </h3>

File templates/main.html

             <div class="box">
+                    <!-- 17/09/2012-->
+                    <li>
+                        Sept 17th, 2012: Curtain call.
+                    </li>
                     <!-- 15/07/2012-->
-                    <li>
+                    <!--li>
                         September 2012 exam sessions are online.
-                   </li>
+                   </li-->
                     <!-- 29/12/2011-->
                         Second term schedules for 2011-2012 are online.
                   We consider this service useful enough as-is. Minor
                   modifications might come in the future, but don't
                   hold your breath for any paradigm shift. 
-                  For more information, consult <a href="/questions">this page</a>.
+                  For more information, consult <a href="/questions">the FAQ</a>.
                     The authors of this application are not affiliated with either the original GeHoL service
-                    or Scientia&reg;. Questions, comments and suggestions should be sent to the following address : <a href=" about Gehol Importer"></a>
+                    or Scientia&reg;. Questions, comments and suggestions should be sent to the following address :
+                    <a href=" about Gehol Importer"></a>