geholimportapp / templates / staff.html

{% extends "main.html" %}

{% block title %}
   {{professor_name}} | Gehol Importer
{% endblock %}

{% block content %}

    <div class="span-15">

      <h3>We fetched some information from the <a href="{{gehol_url}}">URL</a> you gave us.</h3>
      We found the schedule for the following professor:<br/>
      <div style="padding-left:32px;padding-top:16px;text-align:center;">

        <h3> <em>{{professor_name}}</em> </h3>


      <br/><br/>      <br/><br/>

      <h3>Two calendars can be generated. Pick what you need.</h3>

      <div class="box" style="text-align:center">
        <h4><a href="{{ical_q1_url}}">{{ical_q1_url_title}}.ics</a></h4>
        <div class="quiet" style="font-style:italic;"> First term : {{q1_span}}</div>

      <div class="box" style="text-align:center">
        <h4><a href="{{ical_q2_url}}">{{ical_q2_url_title}}.ics</a></h4>
        <div class="quiet" style="font-style:italic;"> Second term : {{q2_span}}</div>

      <!--div class="box" style="text-align:center">
        <h4>Schedules for the second term are not available yet</h4>
        <div class="quiet" style="font-style:italic;">

            According to the <a href="">powers that be</a>,
            they are currently not valid.
            Hence, we won't show them just yet.

        Clicking one of those links will start the download of
        an <a href="">iCalendar</a>
        file with events for all the courses associated with this student profile.
        iCalendar files can be opened with
        Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Sunbird.
        Alternatively, you can also copy this link and add it
        as a
        <a href="/questions#subscribe">live url subscription</a> in Google
        Calendar and Apple iCal.

        <strong>Important reminder :</strong> The files you
        download and import from this service are
        <a href="/questions#files">frozen snapshots</a>
        taken from the GeHoL service.
        <strong>To be notified of schedule changes, don't forget
          to check your official faculty announcements.</strong>


{% endblock %}