ogre-videocanvas / README.md


Video-to-texture proof of concept for Ogre 1.6. Uses OpenCV-1.1 to read the video file. This work is not intended to be a final product.

However, it works.


  • Ogre 1.6
  • boost 1.36 (not tested with )
  • OpenCV 1.1 (not tested with OpenCV-2.x yet)

To build the project, you need to set the following environment variables:

  • $(OGRE16_HOME)
  • $(BOOST136_HOME)

Path for OpenCV headers and static libraries is not configurable yet. Change in the .vcproj file if necessary.

The following DLLs must be copied to the executable directory for a successful run:

  • OgreMain(_d).dll
  • OIS(_d).dll
  • highgui(d).dll
  • cxcore(d).dll
  • cvaux(d).dll
  • cv(d).dll

Don't forget to modify the Plugins.cfg file to point to the folder that holds the Ogre plugin DLLs (RenderSystemGL, PluginCgProgramManager et al.)


WTFPL. See COPYING file for details.

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