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 These schemes were not created by me, I merely ported them, because I wasn't happy with 
 what I found online.
-Here is the current list:
+Here is the current list.
-* Zen and Art, adapted from [irfn](
-* Solarized Light, adapted from [Ethan Schoonover](
+## Zen and Art 
+Adapted from [irfn](
+![Zen & Art]( ) 
+## Solarized Light
+Adapted from [Ethan Schoonover](
+![Solarized Light]( ) 
 You might need to change the font. I recommend Menlo on OSX, Consolas on Windows and whatever default monospace font you can find on your linux box.
-I would stay away from Courier New. 
+I would stay away from Courier New.