What is this ?

A bunch of color schemes for the PyCharm python IDE. These schemes were not created by me, I merely ported them, because I wasn't happy with what I found online.

Here is the current list:


These scheme uses github syntax highlighting and actually applies them as github does, instead of just copying color values and applying them arbitrarily to source code. It takes however some liberties as Intellij's language parsers often allows more controls on what you can style.

Solarized Light

Adapted from Ethan Schoonover


PyCharm 4 uses xml files with the extension .icls. These files should be copied to the following directory, dependeing on your platofrm:

  • OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/PyCharm40/colors/
  • Linux: ~/.PyCharm40/config/color
  • Windows Vista and 7: C:\Users\$USER\.PyCharm40\config\colors
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\$USER\.PyCharm40\config\colors