What is this?

A Google Chrome extension to help you copy and paste unicode symbols.

Because there are many symbols, and I was not going to unfold the list by hand. Hence, the Chrome extension is generated by a python program, which contains the ranges of symbols to generate.

The current list of symbols is not final, and the Most used tab is pretty subjective. There is a unicode symbol you just can't live without? Hit me with your best suggestions.

Down with ASCII, the Internet needs more little stars and funny shapes.


You should probably install this extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

However, if you wish to rebuild the extension, run the make_all.sh shell script (from the scripts directory.) Then you'll need to load the directory as an unpacked extension in Google Chrome. Unless you wish to modify it, I'm unsure why you would do that.


This project is released under the MIT open source licence.

See the COPYING file for more information.

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