project Kyselo

self-hosted open source clone

download here


  • PHP 5.6
  • PDO with SQlite3
  • command line access to server or PHP at localhost
  • some web development/PHP knowledge


  1. run php setup.php command line wizard to setup your kyselo instance
  2. (optional) run php import.php yourbackupname.rss yourname to load your backup
  3. (optional) run php download_images.php yourname to download images from soup CDN
  4. upload to web hosting (or run local web server)
  5. visit your-kyselo-instance.what/yourname

Project goals

  • be able to import soup backups - done ✔
  • make self-hosted clone - work in progress ⌛
  • create social network, which respect it's users
  • try to create distribute social network


  • v 0.5 - easy import and read only display of backup ✔
  • v 0.6 - it's possible to post updates ✔
  • v 1.0 - usable multiuser clone ⌛
  • v 2.0 - distributed social network

Current status

I am able to import backup/archived RSS feed and display it in an ugly interface.

See examples of imported content:


Made by Severák of

I used following components: