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 == So what IS Chitin?
+Everything you type has to be valid Ruby.
 * Chitin is a Ruby interpreter
 * Turned into a shell.
+Everything you type has to be valid Ruby.
 I hope you all get the joke. I made it myself. The joke and the shell.
 Everything you type is Ruby -- remember that. So let's look at it in action.
   % ll | split("\n").map {|l| l.size }
    => [9, 57, 51, 49, 48, 61, 59, 53, 48, 55]
+Everything you type has to be valid Ruby. I am repeating this because in
+test cases, this is the one thing that everybody forgot. You can use the
+text preprocessor to change this, of course, but it's up to you.
 == Why use it?
 Because it's written in Ruby and supadupes easy to modify. Also: