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     but `... > 'test'` works. weird.
 *   ^C on running ruby programs kills the whole interpreter... womp.
 *   slashes in filenames
-*   `grep '@history_moved', *all.down` returns twice the actual results, but
-    `grep '@history_moved', all.down` returns them correctly.
-    -> Looks like it's because of how *all.down breaks out. it duplicates some
-       entries. Well, it doesn't, but you then get directories and files in the mix
-       and while the files are expanded to simply themselves, the directories are
-       FURTHER expanded to the files within AGAIN. so... gotta figure that out.
-       If you pass a directory to a program, it should be passed as a string to the
-       directory. Duh.
-       Got it. The reason for the automatic expansion is for including them in
-       hashes (as it's impossible to do manual expansion with *). So simply
-       remove the automatic expansion from NOT hashes and we should be good.
 *   Why do you have to do @line = '' in Coolline in order to not affect the
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