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tidying things up stylistically

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     -> important for removing passwords if accidentally typed
 *   improve library usage of executables
 *   interprocess communication
+    -> dafuq does this even mean, why did i write it?
+*   make it so STDERR isn't alone in the if self[:err] thing in
+    chitin/commands/executable.rb. also, make chitin/session.rb send
+    STDERR output to STDERR and not STDOUT.
 *   menu doesn't erase itself sometimes
 require File.join(File.dirname(follow_link(__FILE__)), "..", "lib", "chitin")
 if ARGV[0]
   rc = ARGV[0]

File lib/chitin/sandbox.rb

     attr_reader :previous
     def initialize
-      @binding = binding
+      @binding  = binding
       @previous = nil

File lib/chitin/session.rb

         not returning_ruby? res
+    alias_method :all_shell?, :all_not_ruby?
     def display(res)
       # The reason that this is here instead of in #evaluate is that
       # pipes could, in fact, have NO display output, but that isn't for
-      # #evaluate to decide; rather, it is for #display
-      if all_not_ruby? res
+      # #evaluate to decide: rather, it is for #display
+      if all_shell? res
         res = [res] unless Array === res
         res.each do |res|