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THAT'S why i didn't do a `@in && @in.close`. had to properly reset them. boom now command rerunning works

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 *   ^C on running ruby programs kills the whole interpreter... womp.
 *   slashes in filenames
 *   `include Math; sin(5)` fails
-*   `ll` and then `_` results in failure
 *   Why do you have to do @line = '' in Coolline in order to not affect the

File lib/chitin/commands/executable.rb

     def reset
       @opened = false
+      # these set them to nil (duh), self.out, self.err = nil
+      # so that THESE can then reopen them
+      set_in  STDIN
+      set_out STDOUT
+      set_err STDERR
     def each_line

File lib/chitin/commands/runnable.rb

     def reset; raise "Not Yet Implemented"; end
     def run; raise "Not Yet Implemented"; end
-    # Generally the same as +run+, except for the ruby commands
+    # Generally the same as +run+, except for the ruby commands.
     # they return real ruby that can be given back to the user.
     def raw_run