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-o fill in Runnable#secure_run and #secure_raw_run
+o fill in Runnable#verify_permissions
+o write manifest editor
+Reading manifest files:
+o read its entry from .manifest
+  -> each entry formatted as "<path>\0<bitmask of permissions>\0"
+  -> permissions are done as a bitmask: 0b0110101001
+         this is for, say, network access ^
+o parse the bitmask
+o return a hash of what's going on
+Asking user to confirm:
+o display a numbered list to the user of requested permissions
+o display a numbered list of unrequested permissions
+o wait for user input
+  -> "#a" gives permission to the program for this execution
+  -> "#o" takes permission from the program for this execution
+  -> "<enter>" or "y(es)" proceeds
+  -> "q(uit)" quits