chitin / TODO

*   set local variables in config, have them appear in shell
*   getting the menu to NOT have leading quotes
*   remove/edit history
    -> important for removing passwords if accidentally typed
*   improve library usage of executables
*   interprocess communication
    -> sharing of variables between chitin processes
*   remove trailing whitespace from lines somehow. maybe as a final transformation when you hit enter?

*   menu doesn't erase itself sometimes
    -> cat and tabcomplete a file that is empty. output is correct but confusing

*   `pdflatex("full.tex") > NULLOUT` fails to produce the PDF,
    but `... > 'test'` works. weird.
*   ^C on running ruby programs kills the whole interpreter... womp.
*   slashes in filenames
*   `grep '@history_moved', *all.down` returns twice the actual results, but
    `grep '@history_moved', all.down` returns them correctly.
    -> Looks like it's because of how *all.down breaks out. it duplicates some
       entries. Well, it doesn't, but you then get directories and files in the mix
       and while the files are expanded to simply themselves, the directories are
       FURTHER expanded to the files within AGAIN. so... gotta figure that out.

       If you pass a directory to a program, it should be passed as a string to the
       directory. Duh.

       Got it. The reason for the automatic expansion is for including them in
       hashes (as it's impossible to do manual expansion with *). So simply
       remove the automatic expansion from NOT hashes and we should be good.

*   Why do you have to do @line = '' in Coolline in order to not affect the
    history? History calls el.dup which creates a new object. It shouldn't
    matter if I do @line.clear on the original.

*   failures
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