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Welcome to the Enterprise Addressing System (EAS) Repository


The Enterprise Addressing System (EAS) is an open source, web-based application that allows employees of government agencies to query, update, and retire street addresses. For a quick preview of the system capabilities look at this screen cast. For an in depth tour see these screen casts. Ideally we would have a live example here but we don't have the resources. While we expect EAS to solve many addressing problems it won't solve all of them -- yet.

Where to Ask Questions

If you have questions or ideas about EAS, please share them with other users and developers in the EAS discussion group.

Technical Overview / Requirements

This page summarizes what technologies we use. The system is in production for the City of San Francisco as of mid-February 2012 (note that that instance is accessible only from within the internal City of SF network, but see "Demo" below). The README is a good place to start for more details, and this case study from Farallon Geographics gives a high-level overview of what EAS offers. Our 2010 OSCON presentation is available in slide share and in powerpoint.

Product Demonstration

To try out EAS, you can set up your own demo instance Amazon Web Services, using a shared AMI provided by Farallon Geographics; see the AWS demo instructions for more. Anyone else who has a demo setup to offer, please let us know -- the more the merrier.

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