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  2. trychooser


trychooser provides a menu to select job choices and creates a TryChooser syntax. It is structured as an hg extension, but it should also work as a command-line program.


To install, add this line to your .hgrc:

trychooser = path/to/trychooser/


To push to tryserver after filling out the menu, type:

$ hg trychooser

Questionnaire mode

If no curses-capable terminal is detected, trychooser will fall back to "questionnaire" mode, where it will ask a series of text questions. Force this mode with:

$ hg trychooser -Q

Command line

To just write the try syntax string from the command line:

$ ./trychooser
$ hg trychooser -n


Based on Paul Biggar's hg extension, which itself was based on Lukas Blakk's web version (Code).

See also the TryChooser page on the Mozilla wiki.

Bugs and patches via BitBucket issue tracker