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Can we add a custom voice to this .... please help me i am in need of this

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice work on the port to the iPhone. It's greatly appreciated!! I am also interested in getting some better sounding voices added. The app I am writing is used by children that have a hard time speaking or just can't. It would be nice to have a child female and male voice. Thanks again for your hard work on the port to the iPhone!

  2. Anonymous

    Would also like to know, also making some child applications.

    Want to add other kind of languages too.

  3. Mark Anderson

    Awesome job with this! Works pretty easily right out of the box. I am using this for an audio only navigation app. However, it tends to freeze all UI whenever I call the speakText() method. Is there some way to call this asynchronously or in a way that runs the process in the background so that it doesn't freeze? Thanks!

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