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Apply new algorithmic macros.

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 	\item The pseudo-code for each nonterminal is:
-		\begin{myprocedure}{$A$}
+		\begin{myprocedure}{$A$}{}
 		\Input{A production $A \bnfbody \alpha_1\dots\alpha_k$.}
 \begin{frame}[t]{Algorithm of Handle Pruning}
-	\SetKwFunction{throw}{Throw}
 	\Input{A string of terminals $\omega$. A grammar $G$.}
 	\Output{A sequence of reductions of $\omega$, or an error if no sequence was found.}
-	\SetKwFunction{Throw}{Throw}
 	\Input{An input string $w$ and an $LR$-parsing table with functions ACTION and GOTO for a grammar $G$.}
 	\Output{If $w$ is in $L(G)$, the reduction steps of a bottom-up parse for $w$; otherwise, an error indication.}
 				$stopParser$ \affect \tok{true}\;
-				\Throw~\str{"No production found"}\;
+				\throw~\str{"No production found"}\;