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It is very relevant, how can I interfere in the process of registering a type that is in a package, they will receive it in another package

class constructor TSomeBaseClass<I>.Create;


‌ function: IProcessor<I>

‌ begin

‌ Result := TProcessor<I>.Create;

‌ end


in another package


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  1. Stefan Glienke repo owner
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    I know what you mean - however the code you present is impossible in Delphi because we cannot register open generic types. So the registration would have to happen with IProcessor<ISomeIntf>/TProcessor<ISomeIntf> (callback is not necessary in that case btw).

    To solve that issue the internal mechanism in the type registry has to be refactored - a task that also affects other pieces and enables other features to be implemented.

    While I originally wanted to work on this sooner and have already started working on it the more important work that was done for 2.0 so far and will hopefully ready soon(tm) was all the work on the collections to improve their performance in all areas (executable speed, binary size, compilation speed).

  2. reporter

    These were registration attempts in different ways, until I read your article and understood the source of the problem. It is assumed

    GlobalContainer.RegisterType(TProcessor<I>.ClassInfo).Implements(TypeInfo(IProcessor<I>), string.Empty).AsSingletonPerThread;

    We can't imagine working without Spring4D anymore, and your work on collections is certainly more important.

    However, the ability to receive a service regardless of its location determines the architecture of projects…

    Thank god for your talent.

  3. reporter

    Made for trial

    fDefaultRegistrationsQualifiedName: IDictionary<string, PTypeInfo>;

    procedure TComponentRegistry.RegisterDefault


    fDefaultRegistrations[serviceType] := model;

    if not fDefaultRegistrationsQualifiedName.ContainsKey(serviceType.TypeName) then

    ‌ fDefaultRegistrationsQualifiedName.Add(serviceType.TypeName, serviceType);

    function TComponentRegistry.FindDefault


    P: PTypeInfo;

    if fDefaultRegistrations.TryGetValue(serviceType, Result) or fServiceTypeMappings[serviceType].TryGetSingle(Result) then

    ‌ Exit;

    if fDefaultRegistrationsQualifiedName.TryGetValue(serviceType.TypeName, P) then

    ‌ Result := fDefaultRegistrations[P];

    function TComponentRegistry.HasService

    Result := fServiceTypeMappings.ContainsKey(serviceType) or

    ‌ fDefaultRegistrationsQualifiedName.ContainsKey(serviceType.TypeName);

    function TComponentRegistry.HasDefault(serviceType: PTypeInfo): Boolean;


    Result := fDefaultRegistrations.ContainsKey(serviceType)

    ‌ or fDefaultRegistrationsQualifiedName.ContainsKey(serviceType.TypeName)

    ‌ or (fServiceTypeMappings[serviceType].Count = 1);


    but I, of course, do not know the full depth of the framework and where it will shoot…

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