TDictionary contains an OnChanged event that is never triggered

Issue #96 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

System.Generics.Collections.TDictionary<> contains two events OnKeyNotify and OnValueNotify. Spring.Collections.IDictionary<> also contains OnKeyChanged and OnValueChanged which seem to work fine since they're handled by the encapsulated TDictionary<>. The additional OnChanged event that is introduced by Spring.Collections.Base.TCollectionBase<> however never gets fired. Please see the attached test case.

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  1. Stefan Glienke repo owner

    I am not saying this is as designed but a limitation because of using the TDictionary from Generics.Collections. In this implementation there is no way to get notified of all changes that provide key and value.

    Removing the dependency on Generics.Collections might be done in a future version - until then unfortunately this limitation will remain.

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