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Zuo Baoquan
created an issue

It is useful to Group/Filter by Unit names especially when I wan to focus on writing test cases in a new unit.

btw. any tip to avoid expected exception in test cases when pressing F9?

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  1. Daniel Trierweiler


    which framework are you using? DUnit, DUnit2 or DUnitX?

    With DUnitX you may check for an expected exception with DUnitX.Assert.Assert.WillRaise in your test. (I would guess DUnit and DUnit2 have similar methods)

  2. Stefan Glienke repo owner

    @Daniel That is not what he meant but the fact that usually the debugger breaks on any exception that was not explicitly ignored in the options. And adding exceptions temporarily to the ignore list is kinda hard if not impossible. But in fact that would be a good thing to do if you specify some exception as expected inside a test that the debugger does not break on it. If you have many tests that check for exceptions you cannot just run them with F9 without turning off the debugger breaking at exceptions or you have to click continue a hundred times.

    Anyway this is a different issue which should be moved to a new entry.

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