Consider to show hierarchical structure of fixtures (with DUnitX)

Issue #86 resolved
Daniel Trierweiler created an issue

DUnitX generates a hierarchical structure of fixtures and communicates the currently executed fixture to the ITestLogger by 'OnStartTestFixture' and 'OnEndTestFixture'.

By now, this information is omitted by TTestInsightLogger. Showing the hierarchical structure could significantly improve the navigation and handling of the tests, esp. with larger projects.

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  1. Stefan Glienke repo owner

    I think all three supported frameworks can build an unlimited depth of hierarchy of their tests but currently I have no plans to support logging/displaying them. Personally I don't even use the by fixture view and don't build huge tests projects but rather many of them for different areas which are all run by CI system. So once you work on a specific area you work with the tests project of that area which has a very narrow scope of what it tests.

  2. Daniel Trierweiler reporter

    Thank you for the swift reply.

    Our project is rather huge, but well organized in namespaces and the implied hierarchical structure. The structure of the tests imitates this structure, which makes it possible to find the tests associated with the specific unit quickly.

    Splitting the tests into multiple projects would just add another level to the hierarchy. I don't really think that this would improve the situation, as this level is not as easy to traverse and search as the namespaces already are (and we would still require them ..).

    However, this is a rather philosophical topic and depends much on personal preferences.

  3. wlandgraf

    I also miss this feature! Voted. (Note I use DUnit though, but also heavily rely on a hierarchical structure).

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