Expand TreeItems after Run All Tests

Issue #90 wontfix
Cesar Romero
created an issue

When Run All tests is executed, the tree is collapsed, please consider auto expand.

This behavior do not happen for other options: - Run selected - Run from cursor position in Editor - Background run after saving or Idle.

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  1. Stefan Glienke repo owner

    First: when you run all the current results are cleared and then the arriving results are shown.

    When you run any of the other options you run a subset of the shown tests so it does not clear anything.

    I argue what is the information you gain from expanding passed tests? None - you don't care about passed tests. You care about failed (which are expanded).

  2. Cesar Romero reporter

    Fair enough, It is not really a big deal.

    For me it could be useful when running all the tests after merge from other branches and I want to check if the changes make the code slow, by checking the Time Column.

  3. Stefan Glienke repo owner

    Interesting - you see expanding is not really the issue but rather having a way to tell if any performance changes occur.

    I am not sure if there are DUnit* extensions that track the times of test runs and provide ways to identify those tests (easiest way would be to let them fail).

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