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Steven Pav
cleaning house.
Steven Pav
adding someone elses textbook...
fixing problem with bare perl commands in the Makefile; they now exist as defined targets which seem to be ok; I suspect something funny with Make, newlines, shell quoting, but am not totally sure.
using package subfig instead of subfigure.sty; moving towards \hasoctave, \hassage, etc. total PITA wrt including using these booleans; I would prefer directives more like CPP macros, honestly...
cutting cruft from numas.bib after copying from sepbiblio; make numas.tex refer to numas.bib;
adding header and footer to the sty files; removing cruft that was copied in here from my standard distro to 'just make it work'. will rename sepbiblio.bib to numas.bib in the next commit...
finding Ubuntu and Gentoo packages for alg.sty and empheq.sty
adding to the list of dependencies
initial import of the source code