CherryPy / cherrypy / test /

Diff from to


 import cherrypy
+from cherrypy._cpcompat import sorted, unicodestr
 from cherrypy._cptree import Application
 from cherrypy.test import helper
         def __unicode__(self):
             return unicode(
+        def __str__(self):
+            return str(
     user_lookup = {
         1: User(1, 'foo'),
     def make_user(name, id=None):
         if not id:
-            id = max(*user_lookup.keys()) + 1
+            id = max(*list(user_lookup.keys())) + 1
         user_lookup[id] = User(id, name)
         return id
             return "POST %d" % make_user(name)
         def GET(self):
-            keys = user_lookup.keys()
-            keys.sort()
-            return unicode(keys)
+            return unicodestr(sorted(user_lookup.keys()))
         def dynamic_dispatch(self, vpath):
             Return the appropriate representation of the instance.
-            return unicode(self.user)
+            return unicodestr(self.user)
         def POST(self, name):
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