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1. Updated to test argument passing.
2. Added to
3. Added comment regarding iterable() wrapping strings as single item lists.

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     elif isinstance(body, types.GeneratorType):
         body = flattener(body)
     elif isinstance(body, basestring):
+        # strings get wrapped in a list because iterating over a single
+        # item list is much faster than iterating over every character
+        # in a long string.
         body = [body]
     elif body is None:
         body = [""]


+        'test_sessionauthenticate_filter',


         return True = True
+    def test_argument_passing(self, num):
+        return num * 2
+ = True
 cherrypy.root = Root()
 cherrypy.root.xmlrpc = XmlRpc()
+        self.assertEqual(proxy.test_argument_passing(22), 
+                        22 * 2
+                        )
 if __name__ == '__main__':
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