Robert Brewer committed 21f60da

Test and fix for #1055 (cherrypy.response.status is None during on_end_resource phase)

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         headers = self.headers
+        self.status = "%s %s" % (code, reason)
         self.output_status = ntob(str(code), 'ascii') + ntob(" ") + headers.encode(reason)


                 return cherrypy.url(path_info, relative=relative)
+        def log_status():
+            Status.statuses.append(cherrypy.response.status)
+ = cherrypy.Tool('on_end_resource', log_status)
         class Status(Test):
             def index(self):
             def bad(self):
                 cherrypy.response.status = "error"
                 return "bad news"
+            statuses = []
+            def on_end_resource_stage(self):
+                return repr(self.statuses)
+            on_end_resource_stage._cp_config = {'tools.log_status.on': True}
         class Redirect(Test):
         msg = "Illegal response status from server ('error' is non-numeric)."
         self.assertErrorPage(500, msg)
+    def test_on_end_resource_status(self):
+        self.getPage('/status/on_end_resource_stage')
+        self.assertBody('[]')
+        self.getPage('/status/on_end_resource_stage')
+        self.assertBody(repr(["200 OK"]))
     def testSlashes(self):
         # Test that requests for index methods without a trailing slash
         # get redirected to the same URI path with a trailing slash.
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