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Added cpg.threadData - ticket #53

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+    * Added cpg.threadData - ticket #53 (Remi)
     * Added request.requestLine - ticket #52 (Remi)
     * logFile config option is now honored - ticket #51 (Remi)
     * Added cpg.request.remoteAddr and cpg.request.remoteHost - ticket #34 (Eurleif) 


     #   throughout the entire life of the webserver)
     cpg.request = _cputil.ThreadAwareClass()
     cpg.response = _cputil.ThreadAwareClass()
+    # Create threadData object as a thread-specific all-purpose storage
+    cpg.threadData = _cputil.ThreadAwareClass()
     # Initialize a few global variables
     cpg._lastCacheFlushTime = time.time()
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