Extended Calendar Portlet


This package provides a configurable implementation of a Calendar Portlet.

It is possible to give the calendar portlet a header, to search only for events with given keywords and constrain its results to only an area of your site.

Even though Plone's default Calendar Portlet implementation is useful for most sites if you want to segment calendar's events or to provide more than one calendar per page, Extended Calendar Portlet comes to rescue.


To enable this product,on a buildout based installation:

  1. Edit your buildout.cfg and add collective.portlet.calendar to the list of eggs to install

    eggs =

After updating the configuration you need to run the ''bin/buildout'', which will take care of updating your system.

Go to the 'Site Setup' page in the Plone interface and click on the 'Add/Remove Products' link.

Choose the product (check its checkbox) and click the 'Install' button.

Uninstall -- This can be done from the same management screen, but only if you installed it from the quick installer.

Note: You may have to empty your browser cache and save your resource registries in order to see the effects of the product installation.


Code repository and isssue tracker can be found at BitBucket


Development of this product was sponsored by TRT13.


  • Simples Consultoria (products at simplesconsultoria dot com dot br) - Implementation