=== Lorea Project ===

This is the code used by a hardware node "m" that can run a number of logical nodes "n".
Ensuring capability of moving each of the logical nodes to a different hardware node at any moment.

Inter node communication is still sparse but the following technologies are in use/development:
  * openid
  * oauth
  * rdf
  * activitystreams
  * pubsubhubbub
  * foaf
  * salmon
  * xmpp

Our goal is to define a reference node implementation in the world wide federated system for communication.
Our systems want to speak to anyone who wants to speak to them and wants to be coherent and meaningful.


Modules available here:
  * elgg: custom elgg with all plugins
  * tools: machine admin tools

Most of the in-house plugins are independently released at the rhizomatik bitbucket repo and elgg community (also some not yet in production):
  - http://bitbucket.org/rhizomatik/
  - http://community.elgg.org
Also, now following main elgg tree on github:
  - http://github.com/lorea/

Also used from different repos:
  * cryptobot mailing list -> http://bitbucket.org/caedes/cryptobot
  * miyamoto pshb hub -> http://github/caedesvvv/miyamoto

  * Installing: https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/19095/

More news at:
  * Main lorea website: http://lorea.org
  * Lorea group: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/7826/lorea/
  * New features page: https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/9385/





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