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Download (includes Windows executable)

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This Python script sorts your ModConfigs.xml (RimWorld mod configuration) for better loading time putting the dependencies of your mod order in the right spot. This is also the only function of the script, it will do this one thing and nothing else.

Managing mods ((un)subscribing, mod load lists etc) is beyond the scope of this script, there is a better ingame solution called "Mod Manager" by Fluffy. The only thing it does, is optimizing the mod load order.

For using the script you need an active internet connection which will connect to Github, where the current sort order database resides.

Full documentation here


Script written by shakeyourbunny

RWMS is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.

Note that you are not allowed to take parts of the scripts for using them in your own mod sorting or mod manager scripts without written permission.

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