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QLime is an experimental Python library that provides an intuitive object oriented API to access data from multiple data stores. It includes an Object Relational Mapper, can access relational databases, CSV files, INI files, and can be extended for other storage schemas.

For a quick look at the code see this Example.


Following is a brief list of features. For more features see the detailed feature list.

  • Loosely Coupled to the Data Source
    • Redefinition of database schema in Python not required.
    • Connect to an existing database and retrieve data in 8 lines of code (see Example).
    • Database columns map to Python attributes - newly created columns appear in objects automatically.
  • Powerful Joins
    • Join a table to any other irrespective of database schema.
    • Filter result set based on columns of multiple tables.
  • Fast
    • Load joined objects from multiple tables in a single SQL query.
    • Easily control pre-loading by using lazy attributes.


The latest version of QLime is 0.6.0. You can:

QLime is free to download and use based on a liberal BSD Style License.


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