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adding comments on how to see the installation notification

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File src/main/java/com/atlascamp/mywork/ril/

  * fires a notification to all users, letting
  * them know they should try out the features
  * of the plugin.
+ *
+ * To test this out, you can run 'mvn confluence:cli'
+ * and run a 'pi' command (plugin install)
+ * to demonstrate what would happen on a
+ * plugin install.
 public class PluginEnabledListener implements DisposableBean
         for (String username : getAllUsernames())
+            // note: the NotificationService is only really ready to fire notifications
+            // after the first HTTP request has been made to the application.
+            // This means that we will not be able to create notifications on
+            // plugin startup before the first HTTP request (the more general
+            // reason is that plugins cannot assume services are ready to use
+            // before the first HTTP request made to the application)
             notificationService.createOrUpdate(username, notification);