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Thanks for taking the time to explore this project. Project Frontier is is a procedural world generator, which may serve as a tool for creating videogame content. It is released under the WTFPL.

DO WHAT YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE Copyright (C) 2012 Shamus Young <>

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified copies of this code.

What is Project Frontier?

If you would like to read about the inspiration for this project, it's goals and see detailed development notes, and watch demonstration videos you can find the list of relevant articles and blog posts here.

Building the Source

Project Frontier has a number of dependencies you'll need to track down if you want to build the source:

There are numerous #inclusions of windows.h, because the project was begun in Visual Studio 2010. Care was taken to keep the Microsoft tendrils from going too deep, so hopefully porting to other platforms won't prove to be more horrible than it usually is.

Runtime Commands

There is a number of commands you can use at runtime that will change Project Frontier gameplay experience. Here is a list:

Precompiled Binaries

If you'd like to just try Project Frontier, here is a list of compiled binaries:

If you have successfully managed to run and compile Project Frontier please consider uploading your binaries somewhere on the web, and adding a link on this Wiki.


Please add to this Wiki as appropriate to ease the building and understanding of the project for others.