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Shana Project repo owner created an issue

[original issue: Uziriel]

G+ button looks strange in the centre. "<3" emoticons look creepy, a note bellow would be more professional.

Adding quick link to your rss feed/s would increase usability

Generally increasing content in footer seems to be good idea, possibly links exchange with mangafeed (needs to be consulted with author)?

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  1. Shana Project reporter

    Will try to rework the footer at some point... Adding some links and RSS is a good idea.

    G+ button, well... I'll see if I can make it look nice.

    "<3" emotes are unprofessional and I'd like to keep it that way. By the fans for the fans and all that. We do <3 TokyoTosho (and Fansub Wiki), and if you click the <3 for TT it will actually take you to their donate page. Show em some love ;)

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