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How come I don't get any RSS feed from the fansubbers Hi10 ( They produce good quality anime not to mention really small file sizes on which I really need. I don't own terabytes of disk space. And I need small file sizes and yet having good quality video. Hi10 group is the answer to my problem. So pls find a way to gather RSS feed from them and send them to me or us all. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Shana Project repo owner

    Shana Project collects its torrents from Tokyo Toshokan (

    The last release Hi10 posted to TT was on the 25th of Jan ( and

    In order for us to include their releases on Shana Project, they (or anyone) would need to start posting their torrents to Tokyo Toshokan again.

    Why not ask them to post their torrents at Tosho (or maybe someone else will offer to do so) at their forums: Feel free to explain that for SP to index their torrents, they need to appear on Tokyo Toshokan.

    Let me know how it goes; if they refuse, we might be able to arrange some sort of alternative.

  2. rumicmegs

    Thank you for finding the time to respond to my query. I already posted at their forums and I will wait and see what their reaction would be. I will post here on what their answer would be with my suggestion to them.

    If by chance they can't do anything about it due to problems of their own. Can I suggest to you to find an alternate subbers who can do "almost" the same thing they do like making/encoding anime into really small file sizes and still having really good video quality? I'm sure a lot of people would also like to have such a download alternative too. Since there are also those who don't own a large capacity hard drive.

    Thanks in advance and more power to Shana Project.

  3. rumicmegs


    It would seem they aren't doing anything about it. Somebody posted at my thread there and said that they wanted me to do the uploading of their torrents instead of them. Either they are too busy with their work, life or whatever and they want somebody else to do the uploading of torrents for them. I guess there will be no action from them anytime soon. :(

  4. Shana Project repo owner

    Looks like they might only post torrents on the site and not bother posting them to any indexes...?

    It's just a matter of anyone doing the posting to tosho for them. Maybe someone more official will respond to your thread with a more positive response.

  5. Shana Project repo owner

    Unfortunately Hi10 don't seem interested in posting their releases to Tosho. Anyone can do it for them if they want... but at this point I don't want to write anything to do it automatically (either to tosho or to shana). If anyone wants to write a script to automate this I'd be happy to host it.

    For now I'm closing this issue as "won't fix"

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