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dgw created an issue

When I logged into Shana Project today, the site auto-marked all of my outstanding followed releases as read. All 68 of them.

What I did:

  • Visited /follows/
  • Got redirected to /login/?next=/follows/
  • Wound up at /follows/ with a message at the top of the screen: "Marked 68 releases as read."

Obviously I didn't click the button to mark all as read, or I wouldn't be filing a ticket. :)

Going to leave the Bitbucket defaults on this one because I honestly don't know how severe this is (major bug, browser extension conflict, etc.)

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  1. dgw reporter

    Side note: I can probably track down the releases that were "lost" by this, but if there is sufficient logging to revert this action in the database, I'd appreciate having my unread follows back. Don't spend too long on it though. :)

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