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I noticed on the site that if you have a series you are following and you miss a push to RSS cause you're computer was off for a while or whatever, if you go back to follow it after the fact it won't let you, the follow button is gone, you know why this is or is it an oversight, I'd like to be able to have it in my RSS if I miss it since I can better organize my feeds that way, just pointing it out for feedback.

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  1. Tom Kane

    The missing buttons you circled are "send to RSS feed", not "follow". They're not there because the yellow highlight on the line indicates that the item is currently in your feed.

  2. randoomdude

    that's what I meant, if you go back to push to RSS you can't, I guess it's technically on the feed on the website but it goes farther back than the RSS client can pick up so there's no torrent to initiate on my client, if it could renew the push to RSS even if it is already on there that might help, although I found out that I can fix it by deleting the series from feed, pushing the episodes I need and then re-following as well, so it's not too big a deal I guess, but might make things more convenient if you could implement it.

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