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So, I have my qBT to download from RSS and it is able to get the torrents all the time. But for some series, the torrents are still on my private feed even when I downloaded them. I'm guessing they're marked as read because my torrent does not pick them up a second time, they're just not being removed.

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  1. Malific Drockmur

    Same issue. Started happening about 3-4 months ago I think.

    I'm using uTorrent 1.3.15, and set everything exactly as the directions say in the RSS feed setup section. (I seem to be using a different client version from you since the windows don't look exactly the same but the options are there.)

    Under the Subscription options, the torrent that are not removed show up on the "matches" list. But if I delete the torrent from uTorrent as well as remove the physical file itself, uTorrent does NOT download them a second time even thought they are still listed under the "matches".

    I've attached a screen shot of the top page of "All My Follows" and the "Edit Subscription" window from uTorrent showing how randomly they are and are not marked as DLed.


  2. Stephen

    I'm probably having the same issue; though I'm using Deluge 1.3.15 and YaRSS2 ver 1.4.3

    The torrents do not appear to be getting marked as read after downloading. It's inconsistent when this happens and doesn't appear to happen when I first add a series. For example I just added five series with up to 4 episodes pending each and none of these are remaining in my new releases list.

    The episodes download successfully and like OP deleting them from the torrent list (and library) does not result in a new download; likely the torrent client has marked the hash as already downloaded.

    Eventually the backlog hits 50+ torrents (which I believe is the limit that YaRSS will pull) and downloads stop until I go into the new releases list and mark them each as read.

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