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Using utorrent 2.2.1. Have Shana Project RSS setup and working for years without issue. However recently torrents having been getting matched and I can see them in the list in utorrent feeds section but the won't download. When I manually try to download I get an error stating: "Unable to load ... too many redirects". This has only started happening recently, approximately the past couple of season and it doesn't happen all the time somethings download through the RSS just fine. The 2 occurrences today are HorribleSubs Black Clover 50 480p and HorribleSubs Overlord III 11 480p. I haven't found any commonality among the torrents overall. It happens with non HorribleSubs and non 480p.

A resolution would be greatly appreciated. If I have to manually download torrents, it kinda defeats the purpose of setting up the RSS...

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  1. Aisa Kasukabe

    Als using utorrent 2.2.1, having same issue - they will eventually start downloading, but it seems very random as to when, i.e., it might suddenly start 5 days after appearing in the feed, and other torrents start instantly in the meantime; they will also sometimes download normally, but then stay in the feed, and end up being redownloaded later, sometimes more than once. It also appears random as to whether these torrents are marked 'read' or not.

    All in all, very odd.

  2. DoombringerZero

    Been having this issue as well. When it happens it is completely random when the torrent will start downloading, so i have to manually load the torrent.

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