Deluge 2 is using python3, so YaRSS2 isn't working

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YaRSS2 (both original and shana custom versions) is using python2, so it isn't possible to load it in the new version of deluge.

The help page ( gives deluge as the preferred client, so it is probably recommended to update the plugin to work before the version becomes popular and everyone's setup breaks.

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  1. Thomas Couchoud

    The original version has been updated to support Deluge 2 with python 3. So it can be used for now but the season subfolders won’t work as it’s only in the custom version.

  2. Gort Crimso

    Please update your custom version of YaRSS2 or maybe even better get your changes into the main YaRSS2 project. The subfolder support is sorely missed here. Pretty please with sugar on top?

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