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Issue #22 new
Shana Project repo owner created an issue

Ability for user to add series or subbers to an ignore list.

Any shows/subbers added to this list would not be shown on the majority of pages (with some exceptions: other users' follow lists etc)

Potential implementation issue could be following a show with "any subber" since that follow could potentially match episodes with an ignored subber.

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  1. Michael Westen

    I would love to see this option implemented, would for me make the website a lot more clean looking.

    You miss sometimes things because there are just to many releases, i am sure there are people that really like tings like Pokemon, but i would love to filter out that type of crap as much as possible.

  2. Shana Project reporter

    If you're missing stuff, that's why you should use follows... right?

    I'll be honest. Unless anyone wants to put their hand up and offer their python expertise to implement this; it's unlikely it will ever happen.

  3. Michael Westen

    Actually its more for the stuff i dont follow, so that i can easier find new/other stuff. ^_^

    But i get it, if its a lot of work, i understand you dont wane do it, there are only so many hours in the day, and next to that, i am just happy and grateful that you made this website.

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