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Issue #23 resolved
Decimo Bakanet created an issue

I find it quite tedious to have to set up multiple follows for a single group, just to get multiple series. I understand why it's like that, but there should be another option. I would like to be able to add a single fansub group and have it download every release by them.

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  1. Shana Project repo owner

    How would you invisage that this work?

    It's very easy for me to add an RSS feed for each group (in fact, I thought I'd already done ones that users couldn't see; but apparently not). But then you'd get literally every release from that group (high def, low def, re-releases, etc). Is that what you're after? A combination of this and "filtering" in uTorrent might be the best solution...

  2. Decimo Bakanet reporter

    Now this is what I'm talking about. This is much easier as well because I've heard that your rss feeds update faster than nyaa's in some instances. Also it's easier to grab everything via the feed and just have rutorrent filter out 1080p content and such.

    And yeah, since I am assisting with distro on xdcc, I need to get most releases.

  3. Shana Project repo owner

    Glad that helps =)

    Generally our releases will be slower than nyaa =( since most subbers now seem to prioritize submitting to nyaa.

    We get our torrents from TokyoTosho every 5 minutes, sometimes subbers don't even post there in some cases T_T ... Our feeds are "live" though where as nyaa's might be cached?

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