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can you add as a torrent source? not all nyaa torrent are on tokyotosho, that is why i like you to add it to shana project

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  1. Shana Project repo owner

    There are a few reasons I don't want to add nyaa torrents... one of the issues is that the information provided by them is a bit lacking, for example, there is no release time (this is quite problematic). They also seem to get significantly more "junky" posts than Tosho (posts with no or bad filenames "untitled.torrent" and stuff). We do use nyaa when tosho goes down for extended periods of time; but otherwise I'd like to stick to tosho. My advice would be to ask any subbers that don't post to tosho; to post to tosho. (or we can ask if you tell us who).

  2. Shana Project repo owner

    So the RSS feed has timestamps and the size (in a not too difficult form to parse). Names can be taken from the actual name rather than the file name... Info missing is therefor:

    • Comments
    • Actual filename (though realistically its the torrent name)
    • Website link
    • Details link (though we could link to the view page at nyaa)

    I'd miss the website link; I personally use it heaps. The comment too I find very useful at times.

    Status: unsure.

  3. Daiz

    Actual filename (though realistically its the torrent name)

    Yeah, pretty much all fansub groups just leave the name field empty when submitting so it's the same as the torrent's internal name.

    Website link

    Shanaproject has a subber database, no? If the website link isn't part of this database already, it would make perfect sense to have it there for any linking needs. It's not like it needs to be separately scraped on a torrent-by-torrent basis.

    Details link (though we could link to the view page at nyaa)

    That's a good idea, I'd recommend doing just that.

    The comment too I find very useful at times.

    Usually the comment's just the IRC channel and some generic extra (like stuff about playback). You could always have IRC channel information in the subber database too.

  4. Shana Project repo owner

    The subber list really just contains subber tags. There is room to bind tags back to a propper "Subber" object... but it never really happened. It wouldn't be hard to add a website and irc field to that object... it would be hard to actually populate it with useful data.

  5. Shana Project repo owner

    Well, my had has been forced. I think killing tosho is an idiotic idea. But I'd rather SP didn't die with it too...

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