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i found a wrong listed torrent, but could not find a way to report this. the torrent i found was [HADENA] ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL [pv1] [720p] [19FAF1C1].mkv. it was listed as Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars Nova episode 1, but this a previeuw of this anime and not a episode.

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  1. Shana Project repo owner

    Can you get me a screen shot? I'm still not seeing it... The "PV1" bit in the "original text" of the file is correct if thats what you're talking about...? But on the left where it shows episode number it should be blank.

  2. Shana Project repo owner

    I don't see a 1 under "Ep" for the Hadena release... I'm still at a loss for what is wrong with that image. Everything looks correct.

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