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Issue #29 resolved
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It appears that Commie's Yuushibu releases were each thrown into new categories. Instead of merging with the rest of the show's releases.

Making a follow for the show with commie only subs, only displays 1 episode (which is the V2 they took down). I'm not sure how you'll correct it but

http://www.shanaproject.com/series/6078/?subber=45 <-- Remove V2 http://www.shanaproject.com/series/6226/ <-- ep 2 http://www.shanaproject.com/series/6232/ <-- ep 3 http://www.shanaproject.com/series/6264/ <-- ep 4 http://www.shanaproject.com/series/6291/ <-- ep 5

6078 is correct series number.

Probably not the biggest issue in the world, but giving ya the heads up.

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  1. Shana Project repo owner

    Thanks for the heads up. I was aware of this issue but sort of forgot... its because of the ridiculously long filename they're using (srsly, what the hell?).. causing some issues with the way our database checks existing show names. I've should have resolved the issue now so let me know if ep6 does the same thing!

    Fixed in 01556cbf395336d0fb836d69024d1f7836d133d8

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