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Issue #32 new
Jun Esmores created an issue

Would help in cleaning out follows for shows that are done. Would be nice to sort by last update date too. If not that, maybe a way to see if a show is completed?

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  1. Shana Project repo owner

    When you say "last update", do you mean a time stamp?

    Out of interest, why do you delete old follows? Personally I never delete old follows so I struggle to see the use case for it.

  2. Jun Esmores reporter

    Yeah, a timestamp. I suppose there isn't really a reason to clean up old follows, I just like to keep my follows list current and tidy :) -- the last update field might also help filter out shows that have been dropped / cancelled

  3. Shana Project repo owner

    I'll try to have a look and see how easier this'll be anyway (I can't remember if there's already a timestamp field in there).

    I suppose one reason I don't like people deleting their follows is then the stats change for past seasons =( (since the stats are live), and I like being able to see how popularity changes between seasons.

  4. Jun Esmores reporter

    As a data junkie myself, I see what you mean about deleted follows affecting stats, I should stop clearing out my old lists too, then. Perhaps as a compromise (if you find out the data is already there) maybe give the option to hide inactive follows (maybe ones that haven't been updated for an entire season)?

    My concern about cancelled/dropped shows still stands, though. I tend to pick a single sub group per show that I follow, and it's not readily apparent that a particular show has been dropped especially with the number of shows I put on there. You'd have to look up the other groups and see how far they are compared to the one you're following (for example). If we can see the last update timestamp it would be much easier (something's obv wrong if a follow hasn't updated in more than a week or two).

  5. Shana Project repo owner


    edit no timestamps on any of those models =( Wish I had Shana Project using South for database migrations right about now >_>

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