Batch gets downloaded as part of a series (Horriblesubs - Uchuu Kyoudai)

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francisdidden created an issue

I was gone from my computer for a while and when I returned I saw an almost 50GB torrent being downloaded, namely the batch for Space Brothers (or Uchuu Kyoudai) episodes 1-90 by Horriblesubs. ( As I had previously downloaded every single one of these episodes I was too glad to see it in my RSS feed.

My request is that you make those batches NOT a part of the series, if that can be done, else a lot of people are going to use up their limited download capacity.


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  1. Shana Project repo owner

    Please have a look on your settings page: By default the "Show packs in your RSS feeds" should be off. If you've turned it on that will cause packs and volumes to appear in your RSS feed.

    If you did not have this option turned on then it might be a bug; so let me know.

  2. Shana Project repo owner

    No problem. It can be hard to make these options concise and also clear in terms of what they do... If you think of a better way to word the option let me know =)

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